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Duty to Co-operate
Objective of transparency and related duties
Duty to assess the proportionality of changes
Unitary Board
Fees and Charging
Charging for services
Power to delegate
Data handling, sharing and collection
Further reforms and details
Powers of the Privy Council
Main education and training reforms
Approvals, warnings and conditions
Variations in regulators’ approval and standard setting powers
Exam and assessment powers
Delegation and methods of assessment
Certificates of Completion of Training (CCTs)
Main registration reforms
Annotation of the single register
Emergency Registration
Offences in relation to protection of title and registration
The Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Assistant Registrars
Registration Processes
The General Medical Council’s registration processes
Removal, suspension and readmission to the register
Registration Appeals
Student registers
Registration of non-practising professionals
Registration of internationally qualified healthcare professionals
Three-Stage Fitness to Practise process
Grounds for action
Measures in relation to registrants who have been convicted of a listed offence
Early review of measure
Notifications to registrant and person(s) who raise a concern
Initial assessment stage
Onward referral following initial assessment
Automatic Removal in relation to specified Criminal Offences
Non-responding registrants at the case examiner stage
Interim measures
Fitness to Practise panel stage
Registrant appeals
Restoration to the register
Registrar review powers
Proposed approach to the regulation of physician associates and anaesthesia associates
High-level UK-wide curricula
Transitional arrangements
Continued competence
Impact Assessment and Equalities Impact Assessment
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