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This is the online survey through which you can respond to the consultation on the proposed changes to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) Code of Practice and implementation of the Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS), including the LPS secondary legislation.

This online survey allows respondents to save a draft response and return to the survey later. Using the online survey greatly assists in our analysis of the responses, enabling more efficient and effective consideration of the issues raised for each question.

We recommend that you:

  • read the consultation document
  • focus on the questions which cover areas that you have the most experience of or a particular interest in
  • consider skipping questions if they are not relevant to you, or you do not have a view on them
  • refer to the relevant documents or Code chapters referenced in the question
  • respond to the questions using this online survey

The questions in this survey are divided into the same sections as the consultation document. There are no questions in ‘Section 1: Proposed updates to the existing chapters in the Code’. Questions on the proposed updates to the existing guidance in the Code can be found at the end of Section 2 and in Section 5. Not all Code chapters have a corresponding question.

Where appropriate, the questions in this survey will suggest that you refer to specific documents to help you answer them. We recommend that you use these specific documents alongside any further information provided in the consultation document to aid with your responses.

All of the documents required to answer the questions in this survey is available on the GOV.UK consultation page.

A separate easy read consultation document and survey is available on GOV.UK. Please respond to either or both consultations if you wish.

Welsh version of this consultation is available on GOV.UK.

This consultation survey starts with a series of questions about you that are not included in the consultation document. These have been included to help analyse the consultation responses and to aid with the government’s consultation response once the consultation closes on 7 July 2022.