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The NHS Constitution sets out the principles, values, rights and pledges underpinning the NHS as a comprehensive health service, free at the point of use for all who need it.

It empowers patients, staff and the public to know and exercise their rights in order to help drive improvements in quality, efficiency and responsiveness throughout the NHS. It brings together, in one place, existing rights as set out in various legislation. It does not, in itself, create new rights or replace existing ones.

We are now seeking views on how best to change the NHS Constitution. This consultation is part of the process to complete the 10 year review, as legislated for in the Health Act 2009.

The NHS Constitution applies to all those who use its many services, its staff and providers. During this consultation exercise, we want to hear from people across this broad spectrum, to help us define and enshrine the values of the NHS for years to come.

There is no word limit for responses, but to help with our analysis, please try to keep your answers to 250 words per question.

The consultation period will close at 11:59pm on 25 June 2024. Please review the full consultation page before completing this survey.

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